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This Crooked World pitch poster.


Feature film. In pre-production.Produced in partnership with LDR Creative.

Hundo still


Feature film. In post-production.Produced in partnership with Finelight Films.

Being C-Bunny Poster


15 mins. Documentary.Produced by Project Bootleg

Etymology still


9 mins. Drama.Produced in partnership with R.A.I.N. Productions.

Muscle still


14 mins. Drama.Produced by Jump Productions.

Let It Go Still


82 mins. Comedy.


Project Bootleg is the creative label of London-born writer, producer, and director Tom Wilton.A self-taught filmmaker, Wilton is known for micro-budget feature films Let It Go (2014) and the award-winning Vinyl (2010). His recent short documentary Being C-Bunny (2019) has also picked up awards at Chain NYC Film Festival and Boynton Beach Short Film Festival.As a writer and producer, Wilton has collaborated with several other filmmakers on numerous other projects including Jeffrey P. Nesker for Elsewhere, NY, Heidi Miami Marshall for Muscle, and Kerri Lynn Miller and Maria McIndoo for Etymology.Wilton is currently developing several feature film and TV projects.Wilton is based in New York City and is represented by Zero Gravity Management.



When masked thief Gina breaks into an apartment, the last thing she expects to find is a woman tied to the radiator. But Nancy, the kidnap victim, needs Gina's help to get away. Conflicted, Gina gives into Nancy’s pleas, and soon the two are escaping the building.Once on the street, the pair are spotted by Nancy’s kidnapper, Fielder, sparking a chaotic pursuit that crosses borders, loyalties, and familial ties.Directed by Maria McIndoo. Written by Tom Wilton.Stars Kaley Ronayne, Ana Gonzalez Bello, and Andrew Leland Rogers.Produced in partnership with LDR Creative.


16-year-old Raiona is pregnant. Now she has to figure out what she's going to do.Written and directed by Tom Wilton.Stars Kalyn Wilson, Christopher Hancock, Jamie Ragusa, Freddie Connor, and Marissa Kruep.Currently in post-production.Produced in partnership with Finelight Films


Etymology follows Catherine and her daughter Millie during the build-up to an important spelling bee. But as preparations gather pace, so does the pressure, and soon the veil of perfection begins to slip.Directed by Maria McIndoo. Written by Tom Wilton.Stars Kerri Lynn Miller and Delphina Belle.Produced by Kerri Lynn Miller for R.A.I.N. Productions and Tom Wilton for Project Bootleg.


Christina "C-Bunny" Sarni has spent her whole life fighting to be heard.Written and directed by Tom Wilton.


A marriage in freefall is ravaged by disease.Directed by Heidi Miami Marshall, written by Tom Wilton.Stars Fiona Graham, Marc Menchaca, and Reiko Aylesworth.

Let It Go

He wants to get married. She wants to break up.Directed by Tom Wilton. Written by Tom Wilton and Maria McIndoo.Stars Andrew Leland Rogers, Maria McIndoo, Gillian Leigh Visco, and Josh Kidd.